INNISFREE Pomegranate Energy Mask Sheet

INNISFREE Pomegranate Energy Mask Sheet

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Why we love it

It is a non-irritating daily sheet mask formula that contains the vividness of raw materials.
It is suitable when immediate moisture supply is needed for tired skin, when the skin condition fluctuates and needs moisture and soothing, and on days when the skin is unusually irritated.
The product is made by extracting the nutrient components of raw materials by cold brew squeeze method for a long time at low temperatures.
The sheet full of essence adheres gently to the skin, providing a comfortable feeling of use.
This sheet mask is not only for the skin but also for the earth, as it is vegan certified and biodegradable.
It shows 93% satisfaction that it provides immediate soothing effect, makes the skin look clear and bright after use, and feels soft and delicate like a sheet.
Eco-label, FSC certification, TUV biodegradable certification, vegan certification sheet product.
Choose from three types, ranging from light and refreshing type to highly moisturizing cream type, according to the skin condition of the day, and use it gently and without worry with moist essence and soft sheet every day.
Featured ingredients
The formula containing Punica Granatum Fruit Extract, which firms skin care, makes the skin lively and firm.

After cleansing, arrange the skin texture with toner and then apply the mask evenly over the entire face.
After 10~20 minutes, remove the sheet and lightly pat the essence for absorption.
Apply the remaining essence on the face again or on dry areas such as arms and legs.