Lindsay Charcoal Modeling Mask Cup (28g)

Lindsay Charcoal Modeling Mask Cup (28g)

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Why we love it! Just like in a skin-care salon!

  • We made a disposable modeling pack in a cup so that you can easily
    and conveniently use the modeling mask pack every day, which had only been used in large quantities.
  • The cup includes a spatula used to adjust and transfer water, so there is no need for a separate tool.
  • It is an ultra-simple disposable cup pack with an easy water volume adjustment.
    With the LINDSAY Modeling Cup Pack, you can use the modeling pack easily
    and conveniently anytime and anywhere.

Use A to add seven (7) spoonfuls of water, and use B to mix and apply
the mask to your face!

Featured ingredients

Only contains ingredients good for the skin

Environmental Working Group (EWG) Green Grade! Safe for sensitive skin!
The EWG rating is a cosmetic safety rating provided by EWG, an American
nonprofit organization, and classifies the safety of ingredients into 10 levels.
LINDSAY Modeling Pack excludes harmful, suspected, and potential
allergens and uses only low-risk Green Grade (Grades 0–2) raw materials.
No chemical preservatives!
We use dehydroacetic acid, a natural preservative approved by Ecocert,
rather than chemical preservatives. Dehydroacetic acid, also called DHA, is
a mild and hypoallergenic preservative of natural origin that is used in
cosmetics for infants and pregnant women as well as naturalistic cosmetics,
thanks to its excellent preservative power that can replace parabens.

In order to make a good modeling pack,
LINDSAY formulated high-quality diatomite (United States), glucose, algin, etc., with natural plant extracts and oils as a base.

We exclude cheap wheat flour or Chinese diatomite used in low-quality modeling packs and insist on the use of raw materials that can improve the efficiency of packsvcv when mixed with liquids, such as water and ampoules.

  • Diatomite :Mineral-rich powder formed by phytoplankton deposits on the seabed
  • Glucose :A water-soluble monosaccharide with cooling properties
  • Algin :A moisturizing ingredient with cooling properties extracted from seaweeds, such as brown algae and kelp